Chemical Engineering Bursaries 2024 – 2025

By | March 4, 2019

Chemical Engineering Bursaries 2024 – 2025


Chemical Engineers use chemical processes to find new ways to produce goods – from pharmaceuticals, cleaning solvents and fuels, to textiles and even food. These professionals are also involved in creating new ways to improve industrial processes by use of better chemical systems, as well as to limit inefficiency and waste within the industrial setting.

Chemical Engineers often work for industrial companies that create products by use of chemical compounds. The job role would then involve research and experimentation of chemical processes and coming up with new ways to develop or improve products with these compounds.

Apart from a tertiary qualification, Chemical Engineers are generally required to be skilled in the use of computers and automated chemical equipment. You will need basic project management experience and can expect to earn between R280 000 and R500 000/ annum depending on years within the field.

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Students entering the Chemical Engineering sector could apply for these bursaries:

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