Construction Engineering Bursaries 2024 – 2025

By | March 4, 2019

Construction Engineering Bursaries 2024 – 2025


Construction engineers deal with the design, planning, management and construction of major infrastructures, including buildings, bridges, airports, tunnels, roads, railroads, dams, facilities and the like. Construction engineering is a sub-division of the Civil Engineering sector.

Some of the job responsibilities of a Construction Engineer, involves: creating cost estimates and project timelines, measuring areas of the construction site to ensure they are in line with construction plans, performing on-site observation and coordination, informing construction workers of engineering concepts and ideas, ensuring that materials are delivered to site when needed.

The average income for a construction engineer in South Africa, is around R305 000/ annum (depending on years experience). Planning on studying in this field – here are some bursary opportunities for the Construction Engineering sector.

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