Industrial Engineering Bursaries South Africa 2024 – 2025

By | February 15, 2019

Industrial Engineering Bursaries South Africa 2024 – 2025


Industrial Engineers are responsible for determining ways to improve employee management; as well as the management of machinery; manufacturing processes and other assets, in order to improve the operations of their company. These professionals study reports based on process efficiency and create strategies which will improve said processes – this can include the use of new machinery, maintenance, employee and staff training.

Industrial Engineers generally work within an office, in an industrial plant or manufacturing facility. A bachelor’s degree is a standard requirement for the job, as is pratical related working experience. Some of the skills that would be beneficial within this sector include: business process engineering, project management and process improvements.

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The average expected salary for an Industrial Engineers with less than 10 years experience, is in the range of R280 000/ annum.

Here are a list of the top Industrial Engineering bursary opportunities for South African students:

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