NSFAS Payment Dates 2021

By | February 16, 2021

NSFAS Payment Dates 2021

NSFAS allowances will be paid in cash to the student via the Fundi system.  Once the allowances are debited to your student class fee account, you will receive an SMS message from Fundi to upload your banking details.  Fundi will confirm your banking details and payment will follow.

Please note that no payments will be made to a third party.

Private accommodation payment will be paid to the student card in the private accommodation pocket.  Students will swipe for payment at the landlord.

I qualify for NSFAS transport allowance.  What do I do to receive this allowance?

Please submit your proof of home address, not older than 3 months, at your nearest Financial Aid office for approval and payment of transport allowance.  Once approved you will receive your first allowance during the first week of the following month.  Please note that you will not qualify for transport allowance if you qualify for a private accommodation allowance.

 When will I receive my NSFAS allowances?

NSFAS allowances will be paid during the first week of each month over a period of 10 months.

 Will NSFAS pay all my fees?

NSFAS does not pay for the following:

  • Outstanding balances
  • Fines
  • Doctor’s fees
  • Breakage costs
  • Fridge rental, etc.
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Please note that students who were registered for the first time at a tertiary institution before 2018, are subject to a maximum NSFAS amount for the year.  The maximum NSFAS amount for 2022 will be confirmed.

 I am funded by NSFAS but will study a course that is not funded by NSFAS.  What should I do?

Your NSFAS funding is subject to you registering for an NSFAS-funded course.  If you want to register for a course that is not funded by NSFAS, you will be unfunded.

If you want to register for a course that is not funded by NSFAS, you will have to find another source of funding and pay your own registration fees.

Courses not funded by NSFAS is, for example, University Access Programmes / University Preparation Programmes, Postgraduate Diploma in General Accountancy, honours, etc.

Please note that NSFAS-funded students who are registered or would like to register for courses not funded by NSFAS, will be handled as follows:

  • Students must make the minimum required registration payment to register.
  • NSFAS funding for students will be cancelled or not allocated if they are registered or open for courses not funded by NSFAS.
  • If students have registered with NSFAS funding, they will be deregistered and requested to make the minimum payment before being registered again.
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