NSFAS: Student Centered Model

You may have read recently that NSFAS would be changing the way applications worked. The organisation has adopted what they call a Student Centered Model, completely overhauling the applications system. So what does this mean for you?

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NSFAS: What is the Student Centered Model?

The idea behind the Student Centered Model is that students will no longer apply for financial aid through their colleges or universities. Instead, students apply directly to NSFAS and bursaries are awarded after an evaluation of the application.

Direct communication
On top of this, NSFAS promises that there will be direct communication between them and the students – students will updated on the results of their applications rather than just hearing nothing. This relationship lasts from first year until graduation.

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The Student Centered Model allows NSFAS to track each student’s academic performance and also means that students only need to apply once; you won’t need to reapply every year. And that’s that: the Student Centered Model basically just means you deal directly with NSFAS when applying.