Aeronautical – Aerospace Engineering Bursaries 2023 – 2024

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Aeronautical | Aerospace Engineering Bursaries 2023 – 2024


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Aerospace Engineers develop and test aircraft and spacecrafts. They are also responsible for the design, maintenance and management of R|D for various types of spacecrafts, aircrafts, missiles and satellites. This sector of engineering is divided into 2 branches which overlap: astronautical engineering and aeronautical engineering. These professionals often work for defense contractors or for the government.

In order to pursue a career in this field, Aeronautical Engineers are generally required to have an Engineering degree (this can include electronic/ electrical/ mechanical/ industrial/ computer/ civil engineering qualifications).

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Over and above the tertiary qualification, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineers will need many years of working experience with aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and computational fluid dynamics. A high level of communication skills (both oral and written) is also required, as is team work and keeping up to date with new technology.

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The average Aeronautical Engineer earns approximately R360 000/ annum, while Aerospace Engineers earn around R515 000/ annum. If you are looking for bursaries or funding for the Aeronautical/ Aerospace Engineering sector, here are some options for you:

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