Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries 2019 – 2020

By | February 7, 2019

Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries 2019 – 2020

About Oxford Scholarships | Bursaries

About Many academic institutions and universities around the world are providing financial support in the form of grants and scholarships for all South African students to study abroad, as well as in South Africa. The University of Oxford is one of the institutes that off these scholarships to talented young individuals. Their scholarships and International financial aids are accessible South Africans who wants to follow doctoral, master’s, graduate, undergraduate and postdoctoral programs.

The University of Oxford has historical ties to South Africa and the whole African Continent, most in particular from side to side with educational charity, scholarships and educational support they provide. Oxford gives a 1000 full Oxford Graduate scholarships and Bursaries to selected candidates every year. They seek bright young minds that offer great potential the opportunity to complete their studies at the university in UK. About 70% of their courses only require candidates to meet the basic stipulations. They also host a big amount of other scholarships such as the Rhodes scholarship and the Clarendon Fund scholarship.

Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries Available

Interested individuals can look at a wide range of fields available for study.

Some of the fields made available are as follow:

  • African studies
  • Chinese studies
  • Diplomatic studies
  • Celtic studies
  • International development
  • Social science
  • Fine art
  • Anthropology
  • Earth science
  • Psychiatry
  • History of science, medicine, and technology
  • Criminal justice
  • Legal research
  • Cyber security
  • Ancient history
  • English
  • Engineering science
  • Medical science
  • Global business
  • Banking and economics
  • Mathematical finance
  • Primary health care
  • Computer science
  • Philosophy
  • Zoology
  • Biochemistry
  • Neuroscience
  • Organic chemistry
  • Theology
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These are just a handful of the courses available for study at Oxford.

Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries Requirements

For candidates to be considered for one of Oxford’s graduate scholarships bursaries, there are a few requirements that must be met. Eligibility will be given on grounds of a new graduate course application being completed and submitted before the closing date in January each year. Their selection process is based in accordance to academic distinction.

Requirements may vary slightly depending on the field of study applying for. Candidates may be obligated to do a Mathematical and English admission test to see if they qualify for their chosen field of study.

Along with the application candidates must also supply the following:

  • A complete and updated curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • All transcripts of qualifications or certification
  • A research proposal
  • A complete portfolio

All these documents must accompany the application.

There is also a number of external bursaries for interested individuals to consider. These can be found on their External Scholarships page under the heading ‘Students from Africa’. Two of these external scholarships are open to candidates from South Africa. They are the Canon Collins Trust and the Mohamedali Karimjee Trust.

Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries Application

Oxford graduate scholarships bursaries applications online can be found here:

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apply for this bursary
Interested candidate can also find more information on their Applications Guide Page or their Guide Page for South African Students. Candidates will be required to firstly select a course of study, which can be found here. Many of their full scholarships will cover study, examinations, and living costs. Candidates wanting to apply for a full scholarship must fully understand the Financial Declaration.

Oxford Graduate Scholarships Bursaries Closing Date

The closing date for applications differs slightly according to field applying for. However, applications close during the month of January each year, and then again in March and scholarships are usually awarded between February and June. Candidates who have not had any contact within six months after the closing date may assume that their application was unsuccessful.

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