Graduate: Agri Export Technologist Programme

By | May 6, 2020

Graduate: Agri Export Technologist Programme

The Agri Export Technologist Programme allows individuals to participate in a one-year experiential training opportunity, which is designed to expose learners on a theoretical and practical level to the Agri export supply chain and to provide them with a head start in advancing themselves professionally within this thriving sector.

The successful candidate will be required to:

  • Gain exposure to recent innovations and receive theoretical training from industry specialists in aspects such as:
  • factors influencing export
  • viability
  • total quality management systems
  • food safety
  • export legislation and certification
  • cold chain management
  • total quality management systems and
  • product knowledge
  • Subject matter experts will mentor and coach each learner and provide them with business exposure and insights significant to the industry
  • Experiential learning will be sector-specific and individuals will be able to participate in current knowledge and skills transfer
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Applicants must have:

  • A 3-year National qualification (minimum) in one of the following fields:
  1. Agricultural Sciences OR
  2. Food Technology OR
  3. Environmental Health
  • a strong academic history
  • competent in the use of the English language
  • currently unemployed

The Programme is aimed at offering previously disadvantaged learners the opportunity to develop as Agri export technologists. Selection and participation of learners are therefore reserved for individuals from previously disadvantaged groups.

Should your application be successfully screened you will be requested to submit your academic qualifications and a reference letter? Upon further screening, successful candidates will be invited to interviews and assessments.

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:

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  • Basic Financial Acumen
  • Ability to identify and define the risks of customers
  • Ability to interpret technical requirements and apply the correct inspection techniques
  • Communicate and report on inspection findings ( numeric capability)
  • To gather information; analyze the information and make an informed professional decision
  • Build and maintain sound customer relations


  • relevant legislation
  • export products
  • Knowledge of the Perishable export industry and relevant role-players

Apply online before 12/01/2012.